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Opposites Attract

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Someday you’ll get it.. when it’s already in your face but for those who are paying attention, here is what we are and what we aren’t all at the same time – simple on the outside, complicated within; complicated outside, simple within.  Peer thru the looking glass and you’ll realise that you see it so clearly and it’s not clear at all.  Life is full of contradictions – and we are simply serving it up for your consumption.  Smart, ditsy, quiet, obnoxious, outgoing, shy, the girlest hard-asses, hard-core feminists who will turn the second a B gets ugly… the girls The Wuthering Heights Mafia is where it’s at… 


Plug on the pic to follow but I scored it off a sick vintage store on Ebay…



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Repping the lady, from Magic, MEARII! Tomorrow night you east side hollywood rats! 



Come and get your love

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Lochers Necklace

I heart Lochers necklace above so much they inspired me to become a poet.  

I wish it wasn’t true, sorry mom and dad.  

I go for the bad boys, the ones that bring all the noise.

Why do I love you?

I love you I love you I fuckin do!

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Check out this article…

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This is for sure my favorite :

1. Margaret Hardenbrook Philipse – 17th Century Shipping Magnate 

The Dutch colonists who settled in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in the 17th century had a matriarchal society where women could inherit money and land—unusual at the time. Because of this, many women were business owners, although most were not as successful as Margaret Hardenbrook Philipse, considered the wealthiest woman in New Amsterdam. She was a Colonial merchant and ship owner who traded goods, including furs, between New Amsterdam and the Netherlands. 

I know this is BANGS favorite

Ruth Handler – Barbie and Ken’s Mom 

Ruth Handler and her husband founded Mattel Toys in 1945, but it was not until 1959 that Barbie, Mattel’s most famous doll, was born. The idea for a grown-up doll was conceived in 1956, but it took Ruth Handler nearly three years to convince the company that making a grown-up doll for kids was a good idea. Barbie, who was envisioned as the “perfect woman” based on the ideals of the time, was named after Ruth Handler’s own daughter Barbara. Barbie (the doll) celebrates her 50th birthday in 2009. 

Who is yours?  Here are some of our other more modern icons that have paved the for all the ladies…



Make it hot…

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On the cusp of what is next and what is now.  We have the inner intuition we don’t even try it just comes out of our veins.  We bring it and know it before it happens and then watch it unfold around us. Not anymore.  Now we unfold what is next and are the authority on the realness.  Don’t front, cuz real bitches don’t front…

I kinda stole that line from Married to the Mob with there shirt Other Bitches Front but at least I made it my own! If your not down with that then your not in our crew.  Recognize son…THE DOCTOR, MD signing off more to come just warming up, I am new.  

Check out that shirt at:


Ode to Catherine; and Love, Life, Death Revenge….We Are All The Same

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“You said I killed you – haunt me, then! The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!”

SLATEd to take over MAGIC

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Gotta pull a twitter and make it quick since Im working it at SLATE, our favorite show at Magic… but get ready Vegas, cause we are bout to take you over..


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 A couple weeks ago I saw Lady Gaga pantless walking the streets of London thanks to Perez,  and then in her  new music video for Love Game she was pantless again. Saturday, BANGS, our model dropped it for the debut of Wuthering Heights Manor posing in front of the WHM wall for our first in house photoshoot inspired by a Playboy cover I bought from 1979. I mean Gaga looks good sans bottoms, but BANGS? DAMN GIRL, is all we have to say.  See you in Vegas tomorrow! XO